dinsdag 1 september 2009

Word counts

We're counting words and looking how they will fit on the page.

For 1987 the original text has 39 lines of text in Times New Roman on an A4 sheet. After writing the first two pages we calculated that about 13 lines fit on a page (average of a page with illumination and a page with no decoration around it). This meant that we had room for about 54 lines of text, and so we were short of text.

I made up about 5 extra lines, so there's a total of 44 lines now. I've written to the end of page 3 and now have 9,5 lines left over for the last page. That means I can fit about 5 more extra lines on that page if it also fits 13 lines, and there is room for a total of 50 lines, not 54.

Update sept. 3rd: I finished the text for 1987, and changed my mind so many times about whether or not the text would fit, skipping text and then making up extra sentences that I lost track... The last sentence was a new one and ended exactly at the end of the last line...

Next I'm planning to start on 1993 (the year of the Green Knight). For this year we have 55 lines of text in Arial, which means more words on the page then for 1987. After looking at the previous year and how it fit on the page, I'll start out skipping words here and there to shorten the text a little.

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