woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Order of work

  • gilding
  • writing
  • gild capitals
  • painting colors
  • whitework/penwork

Since gilding and writing are the bottlenecks, we won't be able to follow this ideal order of work for many pages, but this is what we aim for.

In preparation for the shire workshop, this means I'll try to do writing on the first pages of each year where there is a large illumination. Also, we'll do as much gilding as possible. And then start on the pages where these things are done, and if/when those are finished, we'll work in a less than ideal order...

Next time: do lots of guilding and writing. Take pictures of foliage pages in different stages (sketch, gesso, gold, paint, paint and whitework).

Also in preparation for the Shire workshop:

  • check page numbering > geloven we wel.
  • gather shells of paint
  • writing page 1 van 1993, 1991, 1992
  • gilding
  • find pictures that were used for drafting illuminations

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