dinsdag 8 september 2009

Back to reality

Tonight 3 of us continued work, and hit some snags. First of all we very usefully spent some time discussing the garters we are weaving for November Nights, so we started kind of late.

For some reason the gesso completely refused to take the gold, so the gold work got suspended, hoping it's just the weather, which has been weird the last couple of weeks anyway.

We admired Turmstadt's book, which is beautiful, and a much better example of realistic planning... It's very impressive, and it was actually done in time. It also contains a very nice map of the Shire and its surroundings which we'll take as an example for the map that is planned for our book.

Yvonne did some work on the illumination for year 3 (1989) and I wrote 1/3 page of text for 1989, and we put the pictures in the previous posting, so the night was not completely wasted...

I'm starting to think that the writing might not be a terrible bottleneck, since all the jobs are pretty time consuming. Maybe everything will balance out in work hours. 3 evenings for an illumination, 3 evenings for doing gold on one page, 3 evenings for writing one page?

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