woensdag 1 april 2009

Dom, dom! Weer vergeten de huidenlijm op te lossen. Plan voor de komende week:

-zondag lijm oplossen en een batch warme gesso maken
-die lijm ook nog proberen te gebruiken in de week erna.
-als er meer scribes komen: blaadjes met gesso doen.
-zo niet, dan misschien alleen dingen voor het event voorbereiden.

Alternative plan: use cold gesso batch 2 on the leaves in the history book.
Alas, notes on how well the gold stuck to this have disappeared a couple of weeks ago. It didn't stick to begin with, but in the end it worked better; but we can't remember what made the difference. Did two or three thin layers of gesso work better than one thick one?
We do remember that the gesso needs to dry out completely before polishing, so put on the gold, wait a week and then polish.

This time the test works fine. The test pieces we did on feb. 17 stick fine. They have a slightly darker outer edge, but by breathing on it well the middle becomes darker as well, and the gold sticks fine. Rubbing it after 15 minutes drying time is not a good idea: about half the gold came off. Bertrik patched it up again and now we'll wait a few days before trying to polish it.

Putting on new gesso on paper. The first try it seems to have gotten much too wet. A dark ring of moisture appears around the painted gesso. What does this do to the sugar in the gesso (enough of this needs to be on the surface for the gesso to stick).

I'm practicing bastarda again. Nib 4 was too wide for the book, I'm now using a thiner one (it does seem to have a number, but it's unreadable by artificial light...).

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