dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Polderslot History Book

The Polderslot History Book is a project started 12 years ago (!) and never finished. We are now nearing the Shire's 20th birthday, and thought that would be a good occasion to pick it up again.

The book was started when Her Majesty Eanor was on the throne and asked for the histories of the groups in Drachenwald to be written down. We wrote the text and presented it, but wanted to make a handwritten book of the text as well.

Right now we have all the pages marked out, illuminations for the beginning of each year designed as line drawings (based on photographs), some pages have border decorations started and one half page has written text on it. The style of the book is based on 16th century Dutch illumination. The writing is gothic littera bastarda.

I just measured the written text. The lines are 8mm high. The body of the letters is 4 mm high. Nib no. 4 is probably the right width.

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