donderdag 9 april 2009

Small steps

Some practice writing capitals and a little web shopping led to two useful insights of the day:

-I'm doing virtually all my calligraphy from secondary sources. If I want my writing to look more like medieval examples, I should probably look at those examples more, because they are quite different from the modern "this is how to write this script" pages. Duh. And I actually realized this before at the scriptorium in Walden years ago, but forgot about it...

-the pen I'm using for The Book now is a brause bandschriftpen 180, 0,75 mm wide. I'm pretty sure that the pen I used originally is a little narrower. I ordered a few spares of the Brause pen here:

I also ordered a Mitchell square pen nr 5 (the narrowest I have now is nr 4), to see if that is the size I used originally (and will beat myself up if it is, because I continued where I left off 10 years ago (or however long ago it is) with the slightly wider pen, which looks a little different.

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