donderdag 25 juni 2009

Weer aan de slag

After a break of several weeks we are back at the scribes' table getting back to the book.

We're thinking about planning, and decided that the goldwork and the writing are most likely to become bottlenecks. We're both tired, but are still going to try and get a little work done on these things. Looking at how far we got in the past months by just making a little progress at a time is hopeful!

The gold is sticking well tonight, is this the weather? We're not sure, it's warm, but is it also humid? Or was humid bad. Anyway, despite feeling jetlaggy, Bertrik is making good progress.

Starting up the writing again is not as hopeful. It feels like I'm back to square one and need to spend a few nights practicing again before I'm up to writing on the actual pages. How useful is that right before the summer recess starts...
How long has it been since I did the last calligraphy? Looks like the middle of April (the 15th is the last reference to actual writing taking place), so no surprise that it's gotten a bit rusty...

Most useful achievement of the evening turns out to be an e-mail to the shire about dance activity in the shire through the year to generate material for the book.

The blank scroll did make it to Sweden, but stayed in the bags unfinished. Event going with two small children leaves little room for things like finishing up a scroll...

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