dinsdag 30 juni 2009

More of the same: gilding and writing on the book.

Next time - after summer recess - we'll spend an evening putting on gesso together. Or on second thought maybe the time after that. That way we can write some more, so we know where the gold capitals will be and we can fill in some of the capitals.

I've finished the first two pages of year 1 (1987), and used up 27 lines of text. Now there are 13 lines of text left over, so we need to make up at least 10 more...
It seems like all the text we have so far is that much too short, or more, and there are a few years where we have no text at all, or just a few lines. So we've discovered another bottleneck: the text itself.

To make more text, we're planning to use a wiki set up for the Kingdom of Drachenwald: (wiki drachenwald sca org).

The gold sticks well on the newly gilded page, but polishing last week's page is less succesful. The gesso is a bit uneven, in some spots the gold is coming off, and in one corner it even breaks. Maybe the gesso was too thick when Bertrik put it on, making it bumpy.

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