zondag 7 december 2014

Parchment and pounce

We've been visiting and getting together with scribal friends, and have gathered lots of knew knowledge, materials and inspiration. Real life gets in the way of really doing justice to all of it, but last week we got together and worked on some of the parchment that Bridget and Aelitha gave us, with the pounce Genevieve told us about, made from cuttlefishbone. I had fun going into the petstore near work and buying two pieces of it; the package had the name in english, which made life easy.

Bertrik took a nice picture of the cuttlefishbone, and the test piece of parchment, which clearly shows the difference the pounce made. We ground up most of the first piece, so now we have these pretty wooden boxes with ready made pounce for whenever we get around to working on parchment again.

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