donderdag 8 april 2010


We're having a computer night, no artwork going on, just digital fiddling around (we made a backup of this blog for instance...).

In previous weeks we did play around with the sugar gesso. We made it with storebought dissolved gum arabic, and it works very well! It gives a very nice domed surface with just one layer, and it sticks much better than the cold recipe, and is easier to apply than the warm recipe. So, we may end up sticking with this one for future projects!

Mistress Bridget warned us about it getting moldy, so we stored it in wet form and dried out in a mussel shell. In both forms it has kept fine, no moldiness, smellines or other funny stuff... Ok, the wet version does smell a little different after a month at room temperature in a jar, but not disgustingly so, and the pigment has settled to the bottom a little. On the jar of gum arabic there is no mention of preservatives used, but there may be some in there.

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