woensdag 25 februari 2009

Testing :(

Bertrik is trying to put gold on the batch of gesso we made a couple of weeks ago (second batch of cold gesso). Last week it stuck, now it doesn't! Grrr. Stupid stuff, we're going back to modern glue!

No, not really. But it is frustrating!
Here's what happens: the outer edges look a bit darker to start with, and become shiny when breathed on. The gold sticks to the edges (about 0,5 mm), but not the middle. Small dots and thin lines (which don't really have a "middle") are ok.

Bertrik is also putting gold on a scroll blank that I put warm gesso on at the beginning of this month. At least this sticks... First try of polishing is so so. One dot loses some of its gold (in one spot on the side) and a leaf is ok, but becomes a little shine through.

Meanwhile I'm practicing my calligraphy and feeling the fact that it's been a long time! Every letter has to be just right, on the millimeter, or it looks wrong. Do I have the patience for this. Well, hopefully it will get easier with practice. I'm practicing gothic littera bastarda, which should provide me with a script that my persona(s) can use, and is also the script we used on the Polderslot History book, so I'm getting double value for my practice. Have to watch out for monks' cramp though, after an intensive day at the computer for my daytime job...

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